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USB Flash Drive 64Gb - A-Data DashDrive UV128 USB 3.0 AUV128-64G-RBY

USB Flash Drive 64Gb - A-Data DashDrive UV128 USB 3.0 AUV128-64G-RBY
1353 руб.
I bought this drive mainly for the usb 3 support and to use it transferring work files at my job. Some of my application installs are in the GB range before i compress the core code to an MSI (I'm a developer). The drive functions as expected and the description in the Product specs although i got roughly 47m R and about 15m W, which was a tad to some other drives I have bought where both read and write are in the 70's, this drive lacks the power. Thats not to say that it isn't faster than USB because it is noticeably faster. The enclosure is sleek yet simple. its light weight and easy to measures about 2 1/4 long and 3/4 wide with 1/4 inch consider it a serviceable drive depending on our aim.
USB 3 speed makes it faster than a usb port
Light weight and simple design
Nice click when sliding open or shut.
Not as fast as other USB 3 devices.
Ring loop/ Thread for a chain is not useable. Very small
Personal notes: Sometimes you'll find "Bang for your buck", and although this drive is currently a cheaper 16GB drive this is not the case. It functions and most won't see speed differences moving smaller files to/from. If you are in need of a fast USB 3 flash drive, suggest to look at another brand. Personally I love my Corsair Flash Survivor
Great for the price. it is actually 14Gigs registered by Windows. for the purpose of a short review I will not explain why this is.
It does not get 'Hot' like some other brands I have read reviews on. Design has this 'flip button' I don't like it, I must hold it to make sure it does not 'retract' when I plug it in. This is bad when you have to 'reach behind or around your device' to plug it in. The space to 'thread' a cord or keyring holder into the drive is Not large enough, I had to use thin speaker wire as a paper clip was too thick.
I use it as a portable OS, as live ISO to troubleshoot with, and to use on low hardware machines on the go.
Its Write speed on my android box is ~10 MB/s (80 Mbps), its Write speed on my Windows Port is 22 MB/s. ***So for reference copying a 2Gig Linux Mint Cinnamon ISO on my USB port took slightly over 2 minutes. and on USB took twice as long.
I'm OK with that, but if you are looking to use some of this storage as 'swap' and have a port you might be fine. Otherwise better just use Mint Xfce desktop or LXLE as speeds from this card are just about as fast as a 5200RPM HDD.
ADATA UV128 Retractable 90MB/s Read Speed USB Flash Drive
Superior Read/Write Performance and Retractable Connector
ADATA UV128 is a USB capless flash drive with retractable USB connector and superior 90/40MB/s read/write performance (128GB model). Full USB backward compatibility ensures seamless data sharing among various devices supporting both standards without unwanted loss of data. Read/write performance can be multiple times faster than traditional USB flash drives (128GB model).
Delicate USB connector can retract into sturdy compact body when not in use to prevent accidental damage and eliminate easily-misplaced cap. Textured surface is scratch and dirt-resistant to reduce wear-and-tear and extend service life. ADATA UV128 supports multiple OS platforms including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS or later and Linux or higher with no additional device drivers required.
ADATA UV128 is available up to 128GB in vibrant Blue-on-Black or Yellow-on-Black color schemes to fit your style. ADATA backs up UV128 with limited lifetime warranty for worry-free ownership experience.


Стоимость 1353 руб.
Тип USB Flash Drive
Производитель A-Data
Модель UV128
О товаре Размеры (ШхДхТ): 21x69x9 мм
Конструкция: Выдвижной разъем
Вес: 11г
Объем: 64 Гб
Интерфейс: USB
Скорость записи: 40 Мб/с
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